16 May 2006

My GreaseMonkey script for the GAP web site

There is an extension for the open source web browser FireFox named GreaseMonkey. It does an amazing job at letting you customize web sites you frequently visit. Note that this requires nothing on the part of the web site administrator; it all happens inside the browser.

One of the sites I frequent rather often is the index of the manual of GAP, a computer algebra program I use a lot. I tend to use Type Ahead Find to find the page I need. This selects the text next to the link I'd like to visit, but I cannot just press Enter: the text is not in the "active" part of the link. I created this GreaseMonkey-script: gap-typeahead-script.user.js. It extends the link so that the text is active, too. You need the GreaseMonkey to activate it.

A previous version of the script was created using, additionally, the Platypus extension. I don't know why, but it stopped working when upgrading the browser version. So I decided to look at Dive Into GreaseMonkey in order to learn how to write it myself. I really like the book; it's by Mark Pilgrim of Dive Into Python fame.


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